Academic Policy & Governance (APG) is a unit formed from the former Senate and Academic Collaboration Offices. (See for further information.)

Quality & Enhancement Officers

School and College Quality & Enhancement Officers were appointed to support and advise Schools or Colleges on matters relating to Quality Enhancement & Assurance for undergraduate and taught postgraduate provision.

Each College appoints one Quality & Enhancement Officer. Schools will appoint at least one Quality & Enhancement Officer but may determine to appoint separate Officers for undergraduate and postgraduate provision.

Quality & Enhancement Officers work closely with, but are not generally members of Executive Committees, particularly the relevant executive member with responsibility for Learning & Teaching e.g. College Dean of Learning & Teaching, School Learning &  Teaching Convener. Quality & Enhancement Officers should also liaise closely with colleagues responsible for Postgraduate Taught provision e.g. Deans of Graduate Studies, School PGT Convener.

Roles and Responsibilities

Quality & Enhancement Officers are expected to provide leadership within their academic area in relation to quality assurance and enhancement processes and articulate University or national-quality processes and requirements for their local processes and roles. Quality & Enhancement Officers also have an essential role to play in the identification and dissemination of good practice highlighted across their School or College.

An element of identifying and dissemination good practice is attendance at relevant committees such as Staff-Student Liaison Committees, School or College Learning & Teaching Committees and (as appropriate) University Quality Officers Forum.

The agreed roles for Quality & Enhancement Officers are available below:

Current Quality & Enhancement Officers

The names and contact details of current Quality & Enhancement Officers are available at the links below:


Induction and training for new School and College Quality & Enhancement Officers, and a refresher for existing Quality & Enhancement Officers, takes place annually in October and is organised and led by members of the Quality & Enhancement Officers Forum. The training has variously covered approaches to annual monitoring, an overview of quality processes and served as an interactive forum for Quality & Enhancement Officers to feedback to the Senate Office.


Heads of Colleges and Heads of Schools should advertise Quality & Enhancement Officer vacancies and invite expressions of interest from academic colleagues.

School and College Quality & Enhancement Officers are fractional appointments and are normally for 3 years in the first instance. 

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