Appendix 2

PSR Preparation: Checklist for Heads of Subject/Schools 


Dialogue with APG to facilitate confirmation of Panel and Date of Review:

  • Submit three nominations for External Subject Specialist – please note that there is no need to contact the externals as APG will make contact once the Convener of the Review Panel has approved. Please provide name and institution and any relevant background details.
  • Discuss possible dates for the Review visit – this should either be during the last two weeks of February or first two weeks of March (before Spring vacation).
  • Identify who is going to lead on the PSR process; identify a key contact between the School and APG and nominate a key contact to join the Teams Student Data Teams group; 
  • Confirmation of range of provision covered by the Review (to include UG, PGT and TNE). Identify whether any programmes are accredited (in which case accreditation reports will need to be provided with the documentation). Also report on any programmes due to be withdrawn – they will not be covered but a note of these and the reasons for withdrawal should be provided.
September submission date (5 weeks before date of Review)

Development and production of RA:

  • Consider approach to the writing of the Reflective Analysis (RA) and collation of documents – you will be sent a link to a Teams page specifically for the Review – documents should be uploaded to the relevant folders, clearly marked as .pdfs where possible (please identify by programme/course name rather than code).
  • Support with drafting the RA will be provided by Academic & Digital Development (ADD). Named contact will be provided by APG and the School is responsible for arranging a meeting with their contact and/or requesting feedback on the draft RA.
  • Prepare documentation and data to accompany submission (see section 3.2). Take an evidence-based approach to RA by identifying links to supplementary data within the RA narrative – provide contextual information/introduction to datasets. Work with PIA on Student Data Teams site to ensure best access to central data.
  • Plan consultation process for draft RA – both staff and students should be able to provide input. If Subject PSR, the Head of School should be provided copy of RA prior to submission to APG.
  • APG will forward copy of RA to Dean (Learning & Teaching) and Head of College who may provide the Panel with additional commentary.
Late October/early November
  • Once a date has been identified for the Review, APG will issue a timetable for receipt of documents etc, nearer the time a Review Manager will be appointed who will liaise with you, meantime any queries please contact Janet Fleming (