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Course Evaluation Policy

This policy sets out the University’s requirements for gathering feedback from students via questionnaires. It covers the means of collecting, presenting, and responding to feedback data.

Summary of the Policy

All courses must use a course questionnaire as one of the methods used to solicit feedback from students

  • The minimum requirement for the questionnaire is the verbatim inclusion of five core questions.
  • If there is a specific reason for doing so, the course co-ordinator may extend the questionnaire by adding further questions. Various question sets tailored to suit different purposes are provided, as are principles for the design of extended questionnaires.
  • Students should be given clear instructions on how to complete the questionnaire and advised when it will be circulated.
  • For each course, the data from the completed questionnaires should be summarised in a ‘Feedback Response’ document which is made readily available to students.
  • Access to data associated with individual courses is restricted; aggregated data will be more widely distributed and used for institutional purposes.
  • Use of the EvaSys Course Evaluation System is recommended, and some parts of the policy assume its use.


The policy is based on the report and recommendations of the Working Group on Course Feedback Questionnaires. The Group was chaired by Dr Helen Purchase. Membership included student representatives and staff selected from across the Colleges and relevant services. The Group also consulted a number of other senior and specialist staff on specific matters.

The report was endorsed by Education Policy and Strategy Committee on 12 June 2014 and approved by Senate on 2 October 2014.

The Policy was introduced in September 2015. Following the 2015-16 academic session, the Policy was reviewed and amended by the EvaSys Advisory Board.


EvaSys is a web-based suite of automation software for surveys and research projects, course and training evaluations, exams and assessments. It offers customisable questionnaire templates for use in paper based or online surveys and fast reporting to speed up analysis and response times.

The University has purchased the required licenses to provide access to EvaSys for all University Staff. Staff wishing to use the system to issue online questionnaires can do so immediately and without further cost. Staff wishing to issue paper questionnaires will need to purchase or negotiate access to a licensed scanner.

Please contact Richard Lowdon, Academic Policy & Governance, for more information.

Additional Information

EvaSys Admin Forum

An EvaSys Admin Forum has been established on Yammer where users can post questions and share tips.

You'll need to sign up to the University of Glasgow section of Yammer, confirming your status as a member of staff with your email address, and request to be added to the group.