Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Teaching Qualification Secondary STEM (Dumfries)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Teaching Qualification may be awarded in Secondary Education in a designated subject or subjects.


A student admitted onto the programme leading to this award must follow the instructions issued by the School of Education and be aware of the content of the Programme Document (often referred to as the Programme or ‘Course’ Handbook) which may contain further details on the Programme including further requirements associated with the award.

1.   Admission

1.1  Before being considered for admission to study for this award, a candidate must have obtained a degree or equivalent, and a pass in English at SCE Higher Grade or an equivalent award in English.

2.1  Each candidate for the award and for the associated Teaching Qualification in Secondary Education must have attained additionally passes in Teaching Subject Qualifying Courses as prescribed in the Scottish Government Education Department’s current Memorandum on Entry Requirements to Courses of Teacher Training in Scotland.

2.   Duration of Study

The minimum period of study for the award is one academic session. The maximum period within which a candidate must complete the programme is two years from the date of initial registration.

3.   Programme Components

Each candidate shall follow prescribed taught courses appropriate to the designation of the award sought by them, and will normally spend not less than 18 weeks in school placement. A candidate who wishes to augment the award with the Catholic Teacher’s Certificate will be required also to complete a component in Religious Education (Non-Specialist).

4.   Minimum Requirement for the Award of Credits

Credits for courses contributing to a candidate's curriculum shall be awarded subject to the fulfilment of required conditions. The minimum requirements for the award of credits are set out in the Code of Assessment at §16.40 - §16.44 of the ‘University Fees and General Information for Students’ section of the University Regulations.

5.   Assessment

5.1  For each academic session, assessment and reassessment are, in so far as not modified by these regulations, governed by the Code of Assessment which is contained in the ‘University Fees and General Information for Students’ section of the University Regulations published for that session.

5.2  Assessment of each candidate’s performance in school placement shall be the joint responsibility of the host school and the School of Education represented by the candidate’s tutor. School and tutor assessments of each candidate’s performance in teaching shall be combined through discussion to achieve an overall assessment informed by professional judgement.

6.   Professional Conduct and Fitness to Practise

Each candidate is required to assent to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies Code of Professional Conduct. Any candidate who refuses to do so will be denied access to teaching and School Experience. A candidate in breach of the Code will be subject to Fitness to Practise procedures which may include referral to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies Fitness to Practise Committee. (See ‘University Fees and General Information for Students’ Regulation 36 of the University Regulations.) Exceptionally, a candidate may be required to discontinue a school placement or be prevented from starting any further placement if, on the balance of evidence, it is considered that continuing with the placement would be detrimental to pupils in the school. In these circumstances, the candidate will be referred to the Progress Committee or the Fitness to Practise Committee as appropriate.

7.   Requirements for the award of the Diploma and Teaching Qualification

In order to qualify for the award a candidate must achieve grade D3 or above in all courses of the programme, these delivering 90 credits at SCQF level 11 and 30 credits at SCQF level 10. Subject to the requirements of the General Teaching Council for Scotland, the College will also award to each candidate who has satisfied the requirements of the programme a teaching qualification in Secondary Education as appropriate.

8.   Requirements for the award of a Postgraduate Certificate

The Certificate in Secondary Education, which is not a teaching qualification, may be awarded to a candidate who has been awarded grade D3 or above in courses totalling 60 credits at level 11 as indicated on the programme specification.

9.   Progress to a Masters Degree

A candidate who has successfully completed the programme may be permitted to progress to study for a Masters degree in Education in accordance with the regulations governing such further awards.

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