Undergraduate Student Advisory System

The Undergraduate Student Advisory System was reviewed in 2009. The resulting 'Burrows Report' recommended the following principles:

  • Adoption of clear, guiding principles for Advising
  • Advising systems to be built around programmes of study and for students to be advised by staff from their intended areas of study
  • Decrease the adviser:advisee ratio to 1:25
  • Acknowledge the role of Adviser of Studies as an integral part of a member of staff’s workload, not as an additional role
  • Enhanced role for training and support for Advisers of Studies

The Colleges have adopted these and implemented systems as appropriate to their structures.

For the Attention of

All staff with advising responsibilities

Heads of School

Deans (Learning & Teaching)

Heads of College

Approval and Amendments

The Policy was approved by the Clerk of Senate and Vice-Principal (Learning & Teaching).

Approved for implementation: Session 2010-11.