Policy for Monitoring Student Attendance

Arrangements for Students with a Tier 4 Visa*

The UK Government has introduced a ‘Points-based’ immigration system. Students entering the UK from outwith the European Economic Area do so under Tier 4 of the Points-based scheme. As part of the Points-based system, the Government has introduced recordkeeping and reporting duties for universities. Part of the responsibilities involves institutional monitoring of Tier 4 students' attendance at the University. Arrangements for such have been developed and have been implemented by Colleges, Schools and Research Institutes, and Tier 4 students are notified of interactions which are recorded for monitoring purposes.

Further details of both the University’s and Tier 4 student’s responsibilities can be found at https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/registry/tier4/responsibilities/.

*Updated: July 2021

Policy for Other Students

Academic disciplines within the University maintain arrangements for monitoring student attendance and these should remain in force for all students, including those with Tier 4 visas. These arrangements typically involve extensive use of the Early Warning System for First Years and monitoring attendance at seminars and labs.

The University has agreed in principle to the development and introduction of a policy on the Monitoring of Student Attendance. This policy would cover arrangements for gathering information concerning student attendance, together with a procedure to be followed in the event of unscheduled absence. It has also been agreed that the current Student Absence Policy would be integrated into such a policy. The implementation of this policy remains under consideration, pending full introduction of the MyCampus student record system.

Action for Staff: All academic and support staff delivering taught degrees are asked to maintain existing local procedures in terms of monitoring attendance and, in relevant circumstances, withdrawing students as a result of non-attendance.

Recommended by: Education, Policy & Strategy Committee, May 2009
Approved in principle by: Senate, 4 June 2009. For full details see: http://committees.gla.ac.uk/senate/SEN/Minutes/20090604.htm#7.1
At its meeting on 15 October 2009, Senate noted that the implementation of the policy had been suspended due to resource constraints.

Withdrawing Students from the University

Subject to the specific requirements concerning Tier 4 students, where local systems operate to monitor student attendance Schools/Colleges may withdraw students in accordance with the steps laid out in the report to Senate in June 2009:

  • Two week unexplained total absence identified - letter from Adviser of Studies asking student to meet/make contact regarding their circumstances;
  • If no response within two weeks, a further letter is sent out from Adviser of Studies (4 weeks);
  • If no contact from the student after a further week (5 weeks) student is withdrawn - Registry and other relevant offices are advised. An administrative withdrawal form should be downloaded from http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/registry/staff/absence/ and returned to the Registry.