Translation of Grades and Study Abroad

Grade conversion of marks awarded overseas during student mobility have been identified as one of the biggest barriers to outward mobility of students in certain subject-areas or Schools. In seeking to address student concerns and to promote transparency and consistency, '‘Translating’ overseas grades for home recognition – a guide for staff'- introduces new arrangements across the University for implementation as from Session 2016-2017. These procedures also seek to respond to new ERASMUS + requirements.

Students should feel secure that there is no latent or unspoken penalty for undertaking ‘study exchange’. Students rightly have an expectation that the conversion process for grades gained during a period of UG mobility at a partner university should be transparent, fair and just. This includes grades awarded either as part of a student exchange agreement for a semester or session, or at the conclusion of a shorter period of outward mobility such as an approved summer school.

Conversion tables do not have the same status as the Schedules within the University of Glasgow Code of Assessment found in the University Calendar. They provide guidelines only and may be retroactively amended, positively or negatively, by the Grade conversion committee on the basis of evidence that they are no longer an appropriate basis for conversion.

For the Attention of

Advisers of Studies, Study Abroad Advisers, Examination Officers.


Developed by Translation of Grades from Study Abroad Working Group, Chair: Professor Tom Guthrie.

Approved by: Academic Standards Committee, Summer Powers 2016.