Honorary Awards

The University awards a number of Honorary Degrees and Fellowships each year. The following tabs will direct you to how to make a nomination and to previous honorary graduates and fellows.

Nominations for Honorary Degrees

Nominations for consideration for the award of Honorary Degrees in June 2023 and thereafter

The next call for nominations for the award of honorary degrees will take place in August 2022.

Completed nomination forms (which can be supplemented by additional information) should be returned to Craig Thomson-Gold at Craig.Thomson-Gold@glasgow.ac.uk 

HD Nomination Form [Word]

Honorary Graduates

A range of honorary graduands will join the ranks of Glasgow alumni in 2018 from fields as diverse as law and medicine, literature and music and academia and sport. A list of those who will receive an Honorary Degree of the University of Glasgow in 2019 is available here.

The Senate Office and Unviersity Archive Services are working together in partnership to develop an interactive database of all Honorary Degree recipients. This will shortly be available the University of Glasgow Story.

Currently, the past 12 years of Honorary Graduates are available in pdf below:

Honorary Fellowships

The award of an Honorary Fellowship of the University is intended to honour a person who has rendered appreciable service to the University, probably over a number of years, but not excluding a person whose contribution has been particularly significant although over a shorter period of time.

A person upon whom an Honorary Fellowship has been conferred shall be designated an Honorary Fellow of the University, but the conferment of the Honorary Fellowship shall not confer any other right, privilege or status.

Nominations for Honorary Fellowships

A nomination for the award of an Honorary Fellowship of the University of Glasgow may be made at any time by completing a nomination form and sending it to the Senate Office, together with any supporting information, for the attention of the Honorary Degrees Committee.

Honorary Fellowship nomination form [Word]

Conditions of Eligibility

The award of an Honorary Fellowship shall not be conferred upon a person holding office in the University, save exceptionally in recognition of long service or outstanding contribution. No application from or on behalf of any person desirous of receiving an Honorary Fellowship of the University shall be entertained.

Nominations Procedure

In August, Heads of Colleges shall be invited to submit nominations for the award of the Honorary Fellowship of the University.

The Heads of Colleges and several senior colleagues shall receive and scrutinise all nominations for Honorary Fellowships received from members of staff in that College.

The nominations shall then be forwarded to the Honorary Degrees Committee and, if approved, shall be forwarded to the Senate for consideration and thereafter transmitted to the University Court.

Arrangements for the Award

The award of the Fellowships might be made at a significant University event or occasion at which the Principal and other senior University Officers are present. Arrangements for the conferring of awards are made by the Senate Office in conjunction with the appropriate College.

Additional Information

Honorary Degrees and Fellowships are overseen by the Senate Office. Enquiries can be directed to Janet Fleming.