Pre-recording lectures in Zoom

Record a video as a way of delivering teaching to students. You can record videos with Zoom and add it to Moodle.

  • Create videos in small chunks (for example 10-15 minutes long) and share them with students.
  • Use a USB headset to make your audio clearer. 
  • Undertake a test of Zoom before embarking on recording teaching materials.
  • Listen back to it before proceeding.

Prerecording a video in Zoom

To record a video in Zoom:

  1. Host or start New meeting in Zoom.
  2. Click the Record button and choose Record to the cloud.
  3. While recording, you can share your screen and talk through any materials (for example, a PowerPoint presentation). You can pause or stop the recording at any time.
  4. Click End meeting to finish your session.
  5. Zoom will send you an email notification when your video is ready. Go to and the Recordings tab to find your video.
  6. You can trim the start and the end of your video before sharing it with others. See Cloud Recording Playback (Zoom website) for how to do this.

Accessibility and transcripts

Zoom will auto-transcribe your content. Transcripts will appear to the right-hand side of your video.

You can edit and improve the transcript when reviewing your video by clicking on the pencil icon next to the text of the transcript. Aim for good, not perfect!

The Digital accessibility guidelines have further information on video and audio accessibility.

Adding a Zoom recording and transcript to Moodle

1. Sign in to Click on Recordings to find your recording. (Zoom will also send you an email with a link to share from the recording.)
2. Click on the Share button next to the recording you want to share on Moodle.
3. Highlight and copy the URL in the Recording Link Information box.
4. Go to the section in Moodle where you want to add your video. Click on Add an activity or resource. Choose URL.
5. Paste the URL of your Zoom recording that you copied previously into the External URL box and give it a name and a meaningful description so that students know what the link contains.
6. The link will open the video in Zoom with a transcript next to it. Students can also download the video, audio and transcript to access later.

See: Add a Zoom recording to Moodle (Video)