Registration & Enrolment: Introduction

Each year when students enrol onto their chosen courses there are occasional clashes between teaching events within a course, or between different subjects that need your input to override them.

In the coming year, in order to address the capacity and distancing restrictions in classes it may have been necessary to create additional instances of labs (or other practical classes), and there may be an increase in the occurrence of clashes.

Please read the information below and access the following resources to help you:

Karen Lee, Director, Estates & Project Aurora team.

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  • Where the clash is between a lab and an asynchronous lecture this should be allowed (using the over-ride function in MyCampus) as the student/s will be able to access the lecture content at any time of their choosing.
  • Where the clash is between a lab and a synchronous but online event (sometimes referred to as a ‘live’ event) you should check with the relevant School or Course Co-ordinator to ensure that the content will be available after the event and therefore whether the clash will be permissible. If so, then the clash may be over-ridden.
  • Where the clash is with another on-campus event the student should be supported in finding an alternative, clash-free time-slot.
  • As usual, students will be asked to log a call via the helpdesk system if they have any problems during enrolment, including clashing events. Management and resourcing of helpdesk call resolution is, therefore, critical.
  • As students are unable to continue with their enrolments until clashes are resolved, prompt responses are vital to enable them to progress and avoid further complications.
  • To override a clash in MyCampus please view this Resolving Timetable clashes: User Guide.

In anticipation of both the potential for more clashes than would usually be the case and other queries arising from enrolment, such as availability of on-line options for students unable to travel to Glasgow at the start of session, you may wish to add information to your standard enrolment guidance or other pre-sessional information in order to aid students.

In addition to enrolment queries relating to the above, we might also anticipate a higher volume relating to on-campus classes where students are unsure of their ability to travel to Glasgow / attend in person, particularly at the start of semester.

Whilst Colleges and Schools will have determined locally how students can be supported to access their learning in these circumstances, this may not be obvious to the student as they complete enrolment and so lead to further support calls being raised.

Schools may want to consider how they respond to such enquiries and log demand for alternative provision in order that appropriate arrangements can be met.

The document: Registration and Enrolment - Preparation and Management outlines some of the actions Colleges and Schools are asked to consider over this period. 

Thank you for your ongoing support as we prepare for next academic session.