Video tools for teaching

Decide which tool you will use to make your recording. The University supported systems that will provide auto-generated transcripts are Echo360, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams (with Microsoft Stream).

There are many other tools that can be used to create recordings that will generate auto-transcripts. Staff are free to use these tools to generate accessible resources though support will be more limited.



Echo360 is available in many lecture theatres and can be used on a personal device. Auto-generated transcripts are generated for any recording that is published to a class.

Using Echo360 remotely

Echo360 in teaching spaces

Echo360 features

  • Record and edit video on your own device
  • Record in teaching spaces
  • Add content to Moodle 
  • Upload and store your video content
  • Automatic transcription


University of Glasgow licensed. Provides auto-generated transcripts to students along with the recording.

Zoom features

  • Works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Record video remotely
  • Host live meetings, classes or seminars 
  • Add content to Moodle
  • Auto-generated transcription

Microsoft Stream and Teams

Microsoft Stream

A service that lets you upload, view, and share videos across the University of Glasgow.

You can share recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos. You can share videos individually, or to a chosen group or channel for members to have access to.

Recordings in Microsoft Stream can not be longer than 15 minutes. You can share and upload longer videos created using other tools to Stream. 

Microsoft Teams

Recordings in Microsoft Teams automatically save to Stream. You can use Teams to host live meetings, classes and seminars.

Teams features

  • Works on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Host live meetings, classes or seminars
  • Record live meetings that are automatically uploaded to Stream
  • Auto-generated transcription through Stream


Choosing a tool

 Record video remotelyRecord video in teaching spacesUse on mobileEdit videoAdd to MoodleLive classes and seminars onlineAutomated transcription
Echo360 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Zoom Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Teams Record live meetings No Yes No No Yes Yes (if recording)
Microsoft Stream Yes (up to 15 minutes) No No No Yes No Yes