Using Zoom for online classes and seminars

Setting up a Zoom meeting for teaching

Once you have accessed Zoom choose Meetings. This will list existing meetings and allow you to set up new meetings.

To set up a new meeting choose Schedule a new meeting.

Setup details

Give your meeting a name (topic), and description (if required).

Select the start date, time and duration.

You can also choose to:

  • set a recurring meeting
  • require participants to register
  • use your Personal Meeting ID or let Zoom generate one for you
  • set a meeting password (we suggest you do this for security reasons).

You can choose to have the participants video off by default to stop the Zoom screen becoming too cluttered.

Other options that you might want to set are:

  • allow participants to join the session before the host enters the room
  • mute participants when they join the meeting.
  • add additional hosts by entering their email – this must be a University of Glasgow email address.

Save your settings.

Zoom will generate a joining URL for students to access the meeting.

TIP: It’s also good to ask participants to mute their mics when they are not using them to avoid any unnecessary background noise.

Add to Moodle

Add the generated link to the relevant Moodle course page by selecting URL from the add activity or resource section while editing your Moodle course. Invite your students via your usual communication channels. Up to 500 students can participate.

Starting a Zoom meeting

When you now click on the meetings tab you will now see your new (and existing meetings listed). To join/start your meeting choose Start.  

You will then be prompted to open the Zoom application.

Breakout rooms

To create breakout rooms, choose the Breakout room icon from the toolbar. Choose how many rooms you want and that you want to manually create (add users) them.

Once you have created these rooms you can manually assign users to them.

To start breakout rooms, choose the Breakout rooms icon and this time you will see a button to start the breakout rooms. As a host you can swap between rooms.