Frequently Asked Questions

When will payments show on MyCampus?

  • If you make a payment by card it should show on MyCampus straight away.
  • If you make a payment by bank transfer from the UK it will be posted to MyCampus within 3 working days.
  • If you are making a bank transfer from a non-UK location it can take up to 5 working days for your payment to be posted to MyCampus.
  • If you make a payment to a platform (Convera) then please allow for a doubled wait time in each case (6 days for UK payments, 10 days for international payments).

Where do I send my payment notification or proof?

Click on the link below to submit your proof of payment via email.

Make sure to include your GUID in the subject.

Submit proof via email

What reference should I use for a bank transfer?

Put your GUID as the reference for a payment made by bank transfer. If you have space remaining, add what the payment is meant to cover (e.g., tuition fees, rent, bench fees, etc.)

How can I set up a Direct Debit?

Follow the "How to Set Up a Direct Debit" guide found on the Student Services guides page.

If you encounter problems with setting up a Direct Debit, please log a helpdesk query. You will need to log in with your GUID, then select "Direct Debit" from the drop-down category list.

Can I set up a Direct Debit or plan for 1 month?

Direct Debits and payment plans are for spreading the outstanding fees across more than one instalment to make payment more manageable. Therefore, we cannot create Direct Debits or payment plans for a single instalment.

In this case, please refer to the payments methods page for how to make a single payment.

Please note that the Accounts Receivable team only processes SAAS funding.

For student loans from the rest of the UK (Student Loans Company — i.e., Student Finance England, Wales, or Northern Ireland), please refer to the Financial Aid team which administers SLC funding.

How do I add my SAAS reference number?

Click the "How to Add SAAS and SLC Reference Numbers" guide on adding your SAAS reference number, found here:

If you are still having issues you can request help from the Accounts Receivable team by clicking the link below to send an email. Make sure to include your GUID in the subject.

Submit reference query via email

How is my SAAS funding applied?

The Accounts Receivable team confirms students' university attendance with the SAAS reference (found on the confirmation award letter) uploaded to the student's MyCampus record.

It is students' responsibility to ensure they have uploaded the correct reference to their record during financial registration. If the reference is missing or incorrect, it could cause delay with funding.

When is SAAS funding applied?

SAAS funding is applied after students have started their course and the team has confirmed their attendence to SAAS. If the SAAS reference has not been uploaded to a student's record, or is incorrect, it will cause a delay in confirming attendance.

How can I upload a letter?

You can upload your sponsor letter during the financial registration process.

If you are having issues uploading your letter, click on the link below to submit your letter via email. Make sure to include your GUID in the subject.

Submit award letter via email

When will my sponsorship be applied to my fees?

Once uploaded to your account, your sponsorship letter will be processed within 5 working days.

If approved, the funding will be transferred to your account at that point.

If rejected, you will receive an email stating why. You can then let your sponsor know and they can make the necessary changes to your letter.

What is required on a sponsor letter?

The information we need from your sponsor on your award letter:

  • Award letters must be on official letterheaded paper
  • Student name and, if known, GUID
  • Amount (in £ Sterling) that the sponsor will pay
  • Sponsor name
  • Address to which invoice should be sent
  • Payment department contact details (name, email address, and telephone number)
  • Sponsor's student reference number or PO number (where applicable)
  • Programme of study for which the student is being sponsored
  • Academic term for which the student is being sponsored

Why has my letter been rejected?

Award letters are evaluated according to the details provided on the letter. In order to be successful, a letter must have all details required.

If you receive an email that your letter has been rejected, it will provide a reason for that rejection. These are further explained below. All rejected letters must be altered by your sponsor and submitted again.

Letter not official
Your sponsor issues financial guarantees in a specific format and we can only accept this format. The letter submitted is specifically not for registration. Please contact your sponsor for the correct documentation.

Letter not for term
The period covered by the letter does not correspond to the academic year of the fees. e.g., if your fees are for 2022/23, then the letter must also cover 2022/23.

No invoice address given
All award letters must have a postal address and an email address for invoicing.

No letter provided
There was no letter attached to the sponsorship submission.

No purchase order provided
Some sponsors, such as the NHS which has a "no purchase order no payment" policy, require a purchase order before the invoice is sent. This means we require a purchase order number from the sponsor before proceeding and this must be on the award letter.

Not on letter headed paper
All award letters must be on official letter headed paper. Contact your sponsor to request this.

Scholarship not sponsorship
Your funding is part of a scholarship which will be administered by your school. Please contact your school directly to ensure your scholarship funds are applied appropriately.

Sponsorship value missing
All award letters must state how much the sponsor is paying for a specific term or academic year (i.e., not the total over a number of years).

Sponsorship value not in GBP
All award letters must state how much the sponsor is paying in GBP/UK Sterling. We cannot accept letters in other currencies. Contact your sponsor to change the award letter for the correct currency and resubmit the letter.

Student details missing
The award letter does not have the full details of the student required, e.g., name, student number/GUID, programme/course of study.

Purchase order (PO) numbers

A PO number or purchase order number is a unique number generated by a sponsor for a specific transaction.

If your sponsor requires a PO number to be included on the invoice, it must be provided in your sponsorship letter. PO numbers cannot be added once an invoice has been produced.

The NHS has a "no purchase order no payment" policy which means NHS sponsor letters must give a PO number or explicitly state that no PO number is required for this sponsorship.

Please note that the Accounts Receivable team only process refunds that have been approved by the relevant team or member of staff.

Requesting a refund

All refund requests must be first approved by the appropriate team or staff member. The relevant staff will depend on the type of refund you are seeking.

For all other refunds including overpayments, duplicate payments, and tuition discounts, please submit a request via the contact page.

What account is a refund sent to?

Refunds are sent to the account that was used to make the original payment. This applies to all payments, whether made via card, bank transfer, or our international payment platform.

If you wish to discuss issues regarding an account used for a refund, use the email link below.

Send your refund query

It is university policy that we can only discuss any details of a student's account, including any payments, with the student themselves.

To protect your data, we must have explicit permission from you to discuss any details of your account with a third party, such as a relative or sponsor.

If you agree that we may discuss financial matters relating to your account, please contact the team or email to request a form for submitting consent and third party contact details.

Until this is completed and received, we are unable to discuss any part of your financial account with any third party.

You may rescind your consent at any time by submitting a helpdesk request, or by calling 0141 300 6509 or 0141 300 2801.

Please note that the Accounts Receivable team do not administer or control, and cannot alter, fees in any way. The team can only confirm fees that are on a student's account for the current or previous academic years.

All fee-related enquiries should be directed to the relevant college (Arts, MVLS, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences).

My fees are not as expected

Fees are set by the colleges (Arts, MVLS, Science & Engineering, Social Sciences). If you believe your fees are incorrect you should contact your school directly as they are responsible for them.

My part time fees have changed

Your fees on your student record are based on the credited classes on which you are currently enrolled. Every time you sign up for further credited classes, you fees will increase accordingly.

If you have an existing Direct Debit or payment plan, the additional cost will automatically be added and divided across the remaining instalments of your original plan.

If you have a query or problem with how the cost of any new class has been distributed, please contact the Collections team using the student helpdesk.