Types of accommodation

There are 3 main types of accommodation that are available in the private sector:

1. Self-contained flats
These are in high demand, so once you have a few friends with whom you wish to share, it's best to start looking as soon as possible. They vary greatly in size, cost and quality, but you can be lucky and find a flat which suits your pocket and your needs. Most flats operate over a twelve month lease, so you will usually have to pay, even if you are not in Glasgow over the holidays.

2. Bedsits
Consisting of a single room, sharing facilities with other. These can be located in private homes and in all bedsit properties. Bills are usually extra and you will usually supply your own linen, towels and utensils.

3. Lodgings
These are less common, but can still be found. Usually a single room in a private home, for five or seven days a week with evening meals provided. Arrangements for bills vary, so always check first.