What's Bugging Glasgow

Until 14 January 2024
Kelvin Hall
Admission free

The insects around us provide essential environmental services such as pollinating and dispersing plants or recycling nutrients. Climate change, habitat loss and degradation and growing urban spread threaten insects locally and globally.

The scientists who study insects warn that their numbers have declined catastrophically. There are 60% less flying insects in the United Kingdom than there were 20 years ago. Declines in insects are intricately linked to declines in plant health, soil quality and the populations of the many animals that feed on them.

Find out more about some of the insects that live in and visit the city. Explore the challenges they face and discover some ways you can help our creepy crawly companions.

This small display was devised by students on the University of Glasgow’s Museum Studies course in collaboration with Hunterian staff.


  • What's Bugging Glasgow is at Kelvin Hall until 14 January 2024.
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  • What's Bugging Glasgow is on the Avenue. 
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