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Annual Jurisprudence Lecture: Miranda Fricker

Annual Jurisprudence Lecture: Miranda Fricker

Glasgow Legal Theory Research Group
Date: Wednesday 19 June 2024
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Venue: Sir Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre
Category: Public lectures, Academic events
Speaker: Miranda Fricker

Once each year, the editorial board of Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought invites a leading figure in the field of the philosophy of law and related branches of philosophy to deliver a public lecture. This year, the Glasgow Legal Theory Research Group is delighted to host the lecture, which will take place at 5.30pm on the 19th of June at the Charles Wilson Lecture Theatre.

This years speaker, Miranda Fricker, is a Julius Silver Professor at and is co-director of the Institute of Philosophy at NYU. She has written extensively on epistemic justice and feminist philosophy. The lecture is open to all who wish to attend. See an abstract below:


Foucault famously traced the history of a form of testimony he labelled ‘avowal’ (aveu)—effectively a social institution of testimony that counts, necessarily, as true. Looking to the present, this lecture will focus on two institutions of testimony, each of which forms part of a system of procedures of criminal justice—one in the UK and the other in the US—and will analyse them as present-day institutional constructions of avowal.

Each practice involves a highly problematic degree of testimonial extraction under unequal power, one ostensibly a technique of investigation, the other ostensibly a technique of rehabilitation. Fricker will offer an analysis of the ethical and epistemic dysfunctionalities of each, and tentatively question whether there is any place for avowal in just institutional processes.

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