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3rd Annual End-of-Life Doula International Research Symposium

3rd Annual End-of-Life Doula International Research Symposium

Date: Monday 01 July 2024 - Tuesday 02 July 2024
Time: 09:00 - 18:00
Venue: 11 Chapel Lane, Glasgow, G11 6EW
Category: Conferences, Academic events
Website: eold.org/upcoming-events/

3rd Annual End-of-Life Doula International Research Symposium: Bridging Research and Practice

This year we will be hosting nine speakers from five countries, each who will be sharing some of the first innovative research about end-of-life doulas that is beginning to emerge from different parts of the world.

We will also be hosting a Discussion Forum to engage with a range of health and social care stakeholders about what they are interested in learning about (and from) end-of-life doulas. Finally, we will offer a practitioner workshop that employs a series of case studies to delve into the issues and different ways in which end-of-life doulas can support people with dementia, multi-generational households, and those who request assisted dying, among other concerns.

More generally, we have ensured time for Symposium participants to connect through our in-person and online socials, and we’ve organized for a public event to share national and international perspectives about what end-of-life doulas do.

The Symposium is open to anyone interested in this topic. Attendence is free to attend thanks to the generous support from the John C. and Sally Horsfall Eaton Foundation. Seating is limited and registration is required.

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