The University with the city of Glasgow in the background

The University's world-changing discoveries have helped to spread the city's reputation for innovation worldwide.

We collaborate with businesses to develop our cutting-edge research into new products and processes, powering their bottom lines.

Our recent partnership with CST Global has revolutionised its business model, moving it from being a provider of custom fabrication services to selling high-performance, low-cost laser devices for next-generation optical access networks. Alongside new sales in international markets, the new products have enabled the company to substantially increase its profit margins.

Our research partnerships bridge the gap between industry and academic knowledge.

Through the GLAZgo Discovery Centre, we are combining our understanding of disease pathology with global company AstraZeneca’s drug discovery and development expertise, to create more targeted medicines for patients.

We nurture start-ups, spin-outs and other entrepreneurial activity.

Anacail Ltd is exploiting technology developed at the University that enables safe and flexible generation of ozone for rapid and chemical-free sterilisation, which has the potential to improve food safety and extend shelf life of food.

Causeway Therapeutics Ltd is exploiting the use of a proprietary microRNA therapy in the treatment of tendinopathies in both humans and animals. The initial focus is on the development of EquiMiR™ to treat equine tendinopathies which affect up to 30% of competitive and working horses.

Gold Standard Simulations Ltd brings 20 years of our research on semiconductor transistors and circuits to the marketplace. Its innovative tools help predict performance in future generations of miniature transistor design. The company’s success led to it being acquired by one of the world’s largest software companies, Synopsys Inc, in 2016.

Entrepreneurship among our students is actively encouraged through our teaching curriculum, including work-based experiences. Our students can also access dedicated enterprise support and exclusive internship opportunities. Student-founded companies such as MindMate, which develops apps for brain health, and Staels Design, which develops innovative products for wheelchair users, received practical advice, mentorship and free office space in our incubator hub.

Our campus developments include supported environments such as the Clinical Innovation Zone at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where new and established businesses can co-locate to easily access our facilities, clinical know-how and research in the field of precision medicine.

Recent successes in securing large-scale collaborations with industry partners include
• £29m Quantum Technology Hub
• £11m Urban Big Data Centre
• £55m James Watt Nanofabrication Centre
• £16m Imaging Centre of Excellence
• £20m Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre.