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Escape to a good book

Book sales surged over lockdown as many of us discovered or rediscovered our love of reading. At UofG, we launched our alumni book club in 2021, which has grown in popularity and now has over 1,700 members in 91 different countries. This autumn, we are celebrating the club’s first anniversary.

Our alumni are finding a new satisfaction in reading. The UofG Alumni Book Club, a virtual forum which lets you connect over a good book, wherever in the world you are, has built on the global trend which has shown that a third of people have been reading more than ever over the past two years. Each new book is chosen by members and discussed online, giving you a platform to share ideas and take part in thought-provoking conversation.

“Read, share, discuss and learn”

Our dedicated club moderator leads discussions, shares insightful analysis, asks questions to promote debate and suggests additional content to explore, such as podcasts, films, news and blog articles, which helps ensure an even richer experience for all.

The first year of the club has seen a wide range of genres explored. So far, we have read The Midnight Library (Matt Haig), Interior China Town (Charles Yu), The Henna Artist (Alka Joshi) and we finished our first year on a high by reading recent release by Chris Brookmyre (MA 1989), The Cut. This is a compelling thriller set in the decadent world of the movies, and Chris delighted the book club by appearing at a special alumni event for us in July, during which he gave us his tips for better writing (see right).

The current book on the go with our members is Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead, shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022, and in the club’s second year, we plan to read more books by alumni authors. Sign up to give us your recommendations!


How much of my time will it take up?
As a guide, if you have between one and two hours a week free to read a book, at times convenient to you, this should be enough.

How do you choose the books you read?
The texts are selected through group discussions and an online poll.

How long do I have to read a book club book?
We read one new book every two months.

How do I take part in the discussions?
Join the virtual community here, then post on the club’s online forum to share your thoughts and impressions on the novels.

What is the cost?
Participation in the book club is free of charge, other than the cost of the book itself. Or consider borrowing your copy from a friend to keep costs down even more!

Read more about the Alumni Book Club here, register and begin your alumni reading journey.

Thoughts from our bookworms

"The best part is that there are two months for us to read and discuss this book – ideal for people to fit in a few pages during their busy day. It’s also nice to be able to connect with other alumni through the club. Francisca Tee (BSc 2020, MSc 2021)

"I read every night to help me sleep and whenever I get a spare moment. I’m also trying to spend less time on my phone and more time reading, so it’s nice to be part of a group that encourages this goal. Danielle Diver (MA 2018, MSc 2019)

"I love reading and sharing my ideas. I also like a bit of direction about what to read and have been making an effort to always be reading something. More importantly, I love the idea of meeting fellow UofG alumni and perhaps reconnecting with old friends. Mary Georgiopoulos Pile (Study Abroad 1987)

"I love reading, but don’t always make time for it as I should. Joining this book club has provided structure and introduced me to books I may not otherwise have come across. Also excited to connect with alumni who, like me, may be in far-flung corners of the world. Christie Holland (MA 1993)

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