University of Oxford’s Balliol College - Keith Tribe

In February 2023, Keith Tribe delivered a talk at the University of Oxford’s Balliol College as part of the Smith Around the World series. This event was held in advance of the annual Snell Dinner, commemorating the 17th-century benefactor and Scot John Snell, whose generosity has enabled University of Glasgow students to pursue postgraduate degrees at Balliol. Famously, Adam Smith was a Snell exhibitioner, attending Oxford after his time as a student at Glasgow.

As an independent historian, economic scholar and expert in language and translation, Keith was an ideal speaker to discuss the dissemination of Smith’s ideas over time. He is a highly regarded economic historian and has held numerous posts throughout Europe, including as a senior research fellow at the University of Tartu in Estonia.

In this recording, Keith explores the ideas and thinking behind his talk with Professor Graeme Roy of the University of Glasgow.