Glasgow Science Festival in Action 2022

GSF 2022 saw a return to a predominantly in-person festival back in our usual June timeslot. GSF in Action was delivered as a hybrid programme, with teaching and group work online then practice and delivery in-person. Five groups responded to two briefs:

1. To create content around themes requested by a community partner, The Govan Stones/ Fairfield Trust, with delivery at a community day in Govan Old and at a newly formed STEM club

2. To create content around the festival theme 'Glasgow's Making Waves', with delivery as part of our events at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens and the Riverside Museum



Amy, Saniya and Alfred developed 'Camouflage' an activity all about the colours and patterns animals use to hide from predators. Participants could design their own camouflage, and assist the team in finding insects and animals that are camouflaged in their natural environment. This activity was based around themes requested by Fairfield Heritage, Govan as part of GSF supporting their creation of a STEM club for young people. The GSF in Action team delivered their activities at a community day on the 5th June at the Govan Stones

River Clyde and Nature

Kathryn, Peace, Giulia, Navneet and Jacqueline developed a two part activity based on the River Clyde. Participants could learn about and identify water bugs and insects that live in aquatic environments, and then use popcorn and sugar to learn about water filtration. This activity was based around themes requested by Fairfield Heritage, Govan and was also delivered at our community day at the Govan Stones on the 5th June. 

Light in the Sky

Niniola, Hollie, Jennifer, Pranav and Henrietta developed 'Light in the Sky'. In this activity you would design your own light bending goggles and then watch as light bends to give all colours of the rainbow. This activity was developed following the theme of the whole festival 'Glasgow's Making Waves' and was delivered at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens on the 9th and 10th of June. 

Glowing Science

Elaine, Rebecca, Yuanliangzi Tian, Danielle and Elena developed 'Glowing Science' an activity revealing the many uses of fluorescence. Participants were invited to find a hidden fluorescing marker in a ball pit, look at tiny cell structures and then contribute to an invisible ink mural. This activity was developed based on the festivals theme 'Glasgow's Making Waves' and was delivered at the Riverside Museum on the 8th and 9th of June. 

Sounds in Nature

Emma, Mhairi, Mar, Juda, Luke, Alicia and Sara presented 'Sounds in Nature: How and Why Animals Make Sounds'. This 3 part activity included underground sounds with demon mole rats, whale songs and make your own rattlesnakes! This activity was developed based on the festival theme of 'Glasgow's Making Waves' and was delivered at the Riverside Museum on the 2nd and 9th of June.