Bird Ringing Adventure: Exploring Biodiversity

Published: 3 May 2023

Experience real bird research, Sat 8th & Sat 15th June, 10-11am & 1-2pm, Free, No booking required.

Bird Ringing Adventure: Exploring Biodiversity

Ever wondered how research on birds is carried out? Watch the fascinating process of tagging and tracking birds in the University of Glasgow Wildlife Garden. Witness researchers from Glasgow University Environment Sustainability Team in action. Discover the wonders of nature first-hand!

Venue: University of Glasgow Wildlife Garden
Date: Sat 8th & Sat 15th June 
Time: 10-11am & 1-2pm
Booking: No booking required
Cost: Free

Please note this event is weather dependent and will not proceed if it is raining. Please check back here for details. 

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Meet Glasgow's Urban Peregrines, Sat 8th & Sat 15th June, 11am-1pm


How to get to the University Gardens.

Google maps image with a red circle marking the university gardens, an orange line showing the route from Hillhead subway and a green line from the University Library

The gardens are located in the red circle.

By car:
Drive to Lilybank House. Parking is free on weekends. The gardens can be accessed either side of Lilybank house, the path on the left hand side is paved. Please note both paths contain steps.

On foot:

The easiest way to access the gardens with the least amount of steps is from University Avenue - Green route.
- From the University of Glasgow main head down the road towards the University Library. Turn left at the turning before the library.
- Walk all the way to the end of this path where you reach some steps. Take the steps up on the left which is signposted Lilybank house.
- Follow the steps up to Lilybank house, when the path forks take the left fork and you should see the University Gardens directly in front of you.

If accessing by public transport the nearest subway station is Hillhead - Orange route. 
- Exit the subway, turn left then take the first left down towards Ashton Lane.
- Turn left down Ashton Lane and follow until the end of the road.
- Turn right and take the steps upwards.
- At the top of the steps turn left and walk along to the Queen Margaret Union.
- Just after the Queen Margaret Union turn left and take the steps up towards Lilybank house. This is several flights of stairs.
- When the path forks take the left fork and you should see the University Gardens directly in front of you.

Please note all route to the University Gardens involve steps. The gardens have uneven paths which can be muddy when wet.

First published: 3 May 2023