Lyell Cresswell's 2016 commision for violin and cello, Ricercari, was premiered by Max Baillie (violin) and Alexander Baillie (cello) in the University Concert Hall on Thursday October 20th 2016.  The piece's nine short movements are arranged symmetrically around a central melancholic theme.

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Programme note
Lyell Cresswell (1944–2022) - Ricercari

Ricercari is a set of nine short, but related, pieces for violin and 'cello. It's structure is symmetrical; five variations alternate with either a scherzo or caccia. The pieces are played without a break. The fifth piece - Mesto - can be seen as the theme for the variations.

    1. Invocazione - variation 1
    2. Scherzo 1
    3. Pensoso - variation 2 (thoughtful, pensive)
    4. Caccia 1 (chase)
    5. Mesto - variation 3 (sad, melancholy)
    6. Caccia 2
    7. Alla Turca - variation 4
    8. Scherzo 2
    9. Ruvido - variation 5 (rough, coarse)

The noun 'ricercare' (from the verb 'ricercare' - to seek or look for) has been used for a wide variety of types of instrumental music. However, I have taken this title from a booklet of five small prints by the Italian painter Maurizio Bottarelli and written five corresponding variations.

Lyell Cresswell 2016

Performer biographies & full details of the Ricercari premiere can be found in the McEwen concert programme 2016