Spring 2025 In-absentia Graduation

Enrolment for the spring 2025 in-absentia graduation will take place in February 2025.  The exact enrolment dates will be published in early 2025.

General information on how to enrol to graduate.

Current Students must enrol in MyCampus by following the steps below:

→ Select 'Academics' Tile

→ View 'My Academic Record'

→ Select 'Enrol for Graduation'

If you have any difficulty in accessing online enrolment, please email the Graduation team before the end of the enrolment period.

Within 24 hours of enrolling, you will receive email confirmation to your student account.

Have you enrolled to graduate and not received confirmation within 24 hours?  If so, contact the Graduations Team before enrolment closes (include your full name and Student Number).