Future graduation dates

The following are the dates when we hope that our ceremonies will take place but these are provisional only at the moment.

Winter 2021

  • Monday 29 November - Friday 10 December (confirmed dates)

Summer 2022

  • Wednesday 22 June - Wednesday 6 July

Winter 2022

  • Monday 28 November - Friday 16 December

Spring 2022 - We expect that postgraduate taught students who began their studies in November 2020 and January 2021 will receive their graduation parchment and transcripts by late spring 2022.

Graduation Celebrations

The University appreciates that our 2020 and Summer 2021 graduates have not had a graduation ceremony yet.  We are fully committed to making sure that you will have the opportunity to celebrate in person, and we will share details of all the events planned once they have been fully confirmed.

The Winter 2021 graduations ceremonies are only for current students that are completing their studies and graduating this winter.  The University is still working to reduced capacities for events so additional ceremonies have had to be arranged to accommodate this graduating cohort.  As such it was not possible to arrange the rescheduled 2020 or Summer 2021 ceremonies within this timeframe.

We look forward to confirming details with you in due course.  

Help us to keep in touch with you by making sure that we have the correct contact information and communication preferences for you by checking the following links –

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