Workshops and Demos

As part of UCET 2020, there will be workshops and live demos of technologies taking place the details of which can be found below:

Workshop on Superconducting Terahertz Device

The Superconducting Terahertz Device 2020 (STD20) workshop brings together the leading scientists in high-Tc superconductivity to discuss the latest advances in superconducting terahertz (THz) components and systems based on intrinsic Josephson junctions, to help shape the future of such THz devices in spectroscopy, imaging, tomography, communication and quantum technology.


Superconducting Terahertz




Integrated circuits


Plenary Speakers

Kazuo Kadowaki, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Fedor Kusmartsev (InstP, and APS Fellow), Loughborough University, UK

Richard A. Klemm, University of Central Florida, USA

Huabing Wang, Nanjing University, China

Alexei E. Koshelev (APS Fellow), Argonne National Lab, USA

Invited Speakers

Yury Shukrinov, Bogoliubov Laboratory, Moscow, Russia

Itsuhiro Kakeya, Kyoto University, Japan

Takanari Kashiwagi, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Timothy Benseman, CUNY Queens College, USA


Kaveh Delfanazari, University of Glasgow, UK


The complete program of the STD20 workshop can be found here: STD-2020.

Workshop on Engineering Education Research

The Workshop on Engineering Education Research aims to share the expertise of leading academics in engineering pedagogy. The workshop will be delivered virtually and is organised by the University of Glasgow, UK. 


Community engineering education.

The implementation of active learning techniques.

The application of ICT tools to facilitate remote learning.


Caroline Baillie – University of San Diego, USA

Euan Lindsay – Charles Sturt University, Australia

Matthew W Ohland – Purdue University, USA


Rami Ghannam – University of Glasgow, UK

Imran Shafique Ansari – University of Glasgow, UK


August 21, 2020.


A PDF flyer of the workshop can be found here.


5G Testbed

The Glasgow 5G testbed team will present an overview of the 5G testbed along with its technical specifications. The different network architectures and combinations for various use cases will be explored. The team will then showcase the indoor testbed that operates on OpenAirInterface5G distribution on x86 based Linux and USRPs. Use cases that utilize this testbed will then be demonstrated including Pop Up Network and a Multi-Hop Emergency Network.

Connected Robot in 5G Era

In this session, we will first introduce our 5G robotic testbed at Glasgow university. Then, we will show the live demo of remote operation between the UK and China. Finally, the conference attendees would be able to control our robotic arm using their own cellphone.

Note: An application needs to be installed on the smartphone to participate in this demo.