Programme - agenda

ScoRRF 8th Annual Scientific Meeting

New Radiotherapy Technologies – the Dawn of a Golden Age?

12th March 2020

10.00 Welcome and introduction Anthony Chalmers, Glasgow

Proton Beam Therapy – Multidisciplinary Research and Delivery

10.10 The radiobiology of PBT: knowns and unknowns, Brita Singers Sorensen (Aarhus)

10.30 CTRad/ART-NET PBT Clinical Trials Steering Group, David Sebag-Montefiore (Leeds)

11.00 TORPEDO – the UK’s first PBT clinical trial,  David Thomson (Christie)

11.30 Optimising delivery of PBT, Ran Mackay (Christie)

12.00 PBT discussion, All

12.30- 13.30 Lunch – Posters & Exhibition

MR-guided radiotherapy

13.30 What is the evidence that MR-linacs improve outcomes for patients? Alison Tree (Marsden)

14.00 What is the evidence that MR-simulation improves outcomes for patients? Martijn Intven (Utrecht)

14.30 Radiographer-led MR-linac treatment and research, Cynthia Eccles (Christie)

15.00 Tea break

15.20 Proffered papers 4 x 10 minutes

16.00 IMAGE-INE – a ScoRRF baby! Bill Nailon (Edinburgh)

16.15 Glasgow RadNet Centre and the RadNet initiative, Anthony Chalmers (Glasgow)