Letter from the Principal

Dear Alumni,

‘One of the joys of my role is speaking to our inspiring, enthusiastic students and getting a glimpse of tomorrow’s alumni. I hope you will get enjoyment out of this too.’
 Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli

We prioritise keeping in touch with all of our community. To do this, we have selected a team of bright, dedicated students to contact you by phone this February. The call will be an opportunity for you to receive an update on the latest developments at Glasgow. The students love to hear about your memories and learn about the path you have taken since leaving University. The student will also take a moment to ask you to support the University.

Our students represent a vast array of subjects and interests. I hope you will enjoy engaging and reminiscing about Glasgow with them. As 2019 unfolds, it’s the beginning of another extraordinary year at the University, with Glasgow continuing to have a profound impact on health advancements, innovation, policy, culture and heritage, and more. Our students are eager to talk to you about some of the exciting work happening here and about the impressive advancements which can be made through transforming our campus.

We have been given a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to expand our campus and create a redevelopment which represents an incredible investment in the University, the city of Glasgow and in the advancement of education and research, the effect of which will be felt worldwide.

This year, the doors of our new James McCune Learning Hub will open. This diverse, flexible learning space will meet the ever changing needs of our students for years to come. Whilst this space will provide round the clock access, and focus on multi-styled, technology-enabled teaching, the most powerful aspect of the building will be its ability to bring together our students. The unique social learning spaces will allow our diverse student group to interact and learn from each other, sharing ideas and cultures. The environment will be dedicated to helping students develop both in and out of the class room, with places for practising presentations, accessing technology and even for preparing food. All our students will have the opportunity to thrive together in the first stage of our campus development. 

Throughout Glasgow’s history, the generosity of our alumni and friends has been pivotal to our success and only by drawing on this support are we able to make the most of this enormous opportunity to combine the University’s deep history with the most advanced learning and teaching facilities.

We hope that you will support the University by making a gift. Your gift will help us make a difference to the lives of current and future generations of students.

If you would prefer not to be included on this occasion or wish to make a gift directly, please contact our Development and Alumni Office on 0141 330 7146 or email alumni@glasgow.ac.uk.

The collective generosity of our friends and alumni is what helps shape Glasgow for future generations!

Yours sincerely,


 Anton's signature

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

P.S. I hope you enjoy your call with one of our students and feel inspired to support the University!

P.P.S We take the careful management of your information very seriously and want to ensure you are happy with the ways in which we contact you. You can find out more about how we manage your information here: gla.ac.uk/alumni/welcomehome/privacystatement/.