Money worries

For some students coming to university may be the first time they’ve had to deal with their own finances.  Having to pay for accommodation, food, books and travelling expenses, to name a few monthly expenses, can lead to financial worries.


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Tips for dealing with money

  • Set yourself a monthly budget and try to stick to it
  • If your bank has a mobile app ensure you download it so you can check your bank balance and can avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Don’t spend your student loan all on the one day
  • You don’t always have to go out to socialise, invite friends to your place and have a Bring Your Own Bottle night
  • Most restaurants and cafes will have deals online
  • Ask for student discounts
  • Contact the finance department to help with any additional funding you maybe entitled to
  • Some websites can provide deals specifically for students
  • Join websites that provide all student deals in the one place

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Money Worries and Wellbeing

Money problems can often lead to health problems like stress, feeling low, depression or suicidal thoughts.  If you feel this is happening to yourself contact your GP or phone NHS 111.


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