General wellbeing

What is Wellbeing?

Put simply, when you look after your wellbeing you will be happy and healthy - you are leading a positive quality of life.

How can you look after your wellbeing?

  • Regular exercise
  • Sleep well
  • Balanced eating
  • Living in a safe and comfortable environment
  • Looking after your finances
  • Build good relationships with others
  • Know how to cope with the stresses of everyday life

See our Wellbeing and Life Tools (WALT) to find tips and advice on how these goals can be achieved.

Tips to improve your wellbeing

  • Volunteer for a local charity or group – this allows you to build relationships with new people. Try using the SRC volunteer support service to get help in finding an opportunity right for you - 
  • Learn something new – join a new club or society at university. See the SRC find  club section on their website for more information
  • Ask for help if your struggling with your mental health – take to the peer support service  or contact the university counselling service
  • If your anxious about joining the gym or a new sportsclub, join the GUSA buddy system – buddy up with a fellow student to help you get started in the gym and even make a new friend.

Useful Resources

  • See the University of Glasgow's Health, Wellbeing and Safety policy
  • For tips and advice on how to improve your wellbeing as a student, take a look here
  • Try the 'Live Happy'  app for IOS and android – it's free and provides you with ideas and activities to boost your mood
  • Use 'My Mood Tracker' to keep track of how you feel in order to understand the patterns surrounding your negative and positive emotions
  • NHS choices talks about the steps to improve your mental wellbeing

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