Being a carer and a student

A carer is someone who cares for a family member or friend this may be due to ill health, a disability or mental health illness.  This is often an unpaid role. Being a student is already demanding on your time but if you’re a carer as well its even more challenging. 


Useful tips for being a carer and student

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the University wants you to get your degree
  • Find out if your entitled to any financial support and apply for it.
  • If your struggling with juggling studying and caring tell someone
  • Try to find some time for yourself

Useful resources for carers


Financial support

One of the main problems all carers have is that caring is an unpaid role in society.  Most students at university will experience some kind of financial worry but for carers this can be an everyday problem.


Useful resources

  • Apply for SAAS every year
  • Contact the student finance department in the Fraser Building to see if you are eligible for any additional funding
  • Contact Citizens Advice who can advise on any benefits you may be eligible from the Government


Academic support

The University has various ways of providing you with academic support.  Contact your student advisor in the first instance to explain your situation so that if you need to submit a good cause they are already aware of why you may be doing so. Some schools within the University offer peer support, check your moodle page or your course administrator to see if your school has this.


Useful resources

LEADS offer academic support if your needing some additional help


Emotional support

Carers don’t just need financial and academic support whilst at university they made need some emotional support to help them with the challenges of being both a student and carer.


Useful resources