Academic stress and anxiety

What is academic stress?

Academic stress can be experienced by feeling overwhelming anxiety about academic work or deadlines. Stress can help you to feel motivated to meet deadlines and perform in exams but too much stress can have a negative effect on your mental wellbeing. 

How to manage academic stress

  • Do exercise – think about joining the Stevenson Gym
  • Participate in extra curricula clubs or societies – see the SRC website for a list of clubs and societies available
  • Be assertive and set boundaries on how much studying you complete a day – take a look at the Open University's Guide
  • If your stress concerns coping around exam time, read this

Useful Resources

  • Make sure to check out the University's counselling service advice and information and read the MyGlasgow advice on exam stress
  • Read this helpful guide on dealing with student stress
  • Try relaxing through meditation -  'Aura', gives you a personalized 3 minute meditation to complete each day, this can be useful to motivate yourself to get into the habit of meditating regularly
  • Watch this Ted Talk about one student's experiences about stress in school
  • The NHS has created some self help tips on dealing with student stress

Contact Information

  • If stress is affecting your mental and physical health, talk to the student counselling service. Email:
  • If you need someone to talk to you, call the Glasgow University Nightline service which is a confidential telephone support and information service run for students, by trained student volunteers run by the Glasgow University SRC.  Available every night of term from 7pm till 7am contact them on +44 (0)141 334 9516.
  • Or contact a peer supporter if you would prefer to work things through with a fellow student: Peer supporters are students who will listen to your issues and help you to work through your feelings