New Directions in Collaborative Research: Living Knowledge

Published: 23 September 2022

Join us in person for a half day workshop exploring new directions for collaborative research with keynotes from UKRI, Institute for People-Centred Artificial Intelligence, and the Crichton Trust. Research Insights workshops are designed to share findings from previous or ongoing research, and to generate new ideas and collaborations.

Wednesday 12 October, 10am – 1pm (Seminar Room 237C, The ARC) 


This agenda-setting workshop is for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss new directions in collaborative research. Challenges such as climate and energy, cost of living and wellbeing, inequalities and social justice, and inclusive productivity are increasingly requiring collaborative research. The concept of ‘living knowledge’ focuses on research through diverse partnerships that seek to support sustainable, embodied, and transformative collective knowledge (Facer and Enright, 2016). 

To address new directions in research, the keynote speakers bring different perspectives to understand collaborations for developing living knowledge:

• Karen Salt, UKRI: future directions of collaborative knowledge production

• Sara Carter, VP and Head of College of Social Sciences: innovation and collaboration

• Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh, Institute for People-Centred Artificial Intelligence: collaborative design research

• Jennifer Challinor, The Crichton Trust: community-led collaborative research

The panel will be followed by breakout sessions to discuss further. 


More info and booking. 

You can now read a briefing paper summarising learnings from this workshop:

New Directions in Collaborative Research final report

First published: 23 September 2022

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