Purpose in Business Launch Event

Published: 18 March 2024

The Digital Society and Economy IRT, The Scottish Productivity Forum, Prosper and Peer Works are delighted to invite to the launch of the ESRC/TPI funded project: Purpose in business: empowering employees and enhancing productivity.

Date: Wednesday 24 April

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: ARC Studio 2

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About the project:

Developing purpose in business defined in terms of focusing on finding profitable solutions for people and the planet is gaining government, business, and public attention. This is not only in relation to developing purpose but also how purpose can enhance productivity. One of the key challenges is how to empower employees to drive purpose. This project will explore what purpose means for a range of employees, what would empower them to drive purpose and what skills they need. It will also identify what businesses need to do to support them, including changes in work organisation, job redesign, people management, worker voice practices within fair work principles. The project will develop a framework for purpose and productivity. It will interview 70 employee and 22 business managers from small, medium and large businesses with various ownership models in a range of sectors. It will then undertake secondary analysis of 14 businesses who have adopted business purpose. This evidence-base will provide knowledge about empowering workers to drive purpose and provide recommendations for business and Scottish and UK Governments.

The event will introduce the project and the project team, including project stakeholders. It will discuss purpose in business and how employees can be supported in developing purpose. It will cover some of the challenges and opportunities that purpose in business offers for different types of businesses. There will be focus on how purpose can extend beyond profit narrowly understood to one that benefits, people, place and the environment to support sustainable, inclusive productivity for a prosperous Scotland for all. The launch will be interesting for businesses, policy makers, academics and communities. It will also be an opportunity to sign up for research updates.


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First published: 18 March 2024

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