Innovative Methods Seminar – Using Games as/for Research

Published: 6 February 2024

Digital Society & Economy IRT hosts a series of innovative methods seminars. This session focuses on the use of games in research, with a spotlight on the University of Glasgow's Games Lab.

Innovative Methods Seminar – Using Games as/for Research

Date: Friday 23 February

Time: 1-2PM

Location: ONLINE (Zoom link provider after registration)

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We all play games, whether consciously for entertainment and education, or in interacting with digital systems that increasingly ‘gamify’ modern society, hinting towards an unseen future ‘metaverse’. However, how may we further use video games and simulations as research tools? UofGGamesLab runs or hosts different cross-college projects promoting research into games themselves, but also into finding new ways of translating research and data into game form, or using games as innovative research tools. Whether modelling space missions or gaming the effects of generative AI, what are some possibilities and challenges posed by games? Equally, how may our uses of ‘history’ in such games critically change our ways of approaching future simulations? 


About our speaker: 

Dr Timothy Noël Peacock is a Lecturer in History and War Studies and Co-Director/founder of the University of Glasgow Games and Gaming Lab (UofGGamesLab). He leads up to 35 researchers, interns and programmers as Principal Investigator for funded research and educational cross-disciplinary innovation projects. His research ranges across nuclear history, space history/security, games and wargaming, to AI and politics, including the socio-political and military impacts of new technologies. 

About the Innovative Research Methodologies for a Digital Society (IRMDS) series:

Algorithms, digital data sets, social media networks, integrated technologies are all part of our everyday lives. How should we investigate the ongoing changes and challenges of our digital society? How should we explore our relationships with digital data and the online world? What are the limitations and affordances of new methodologies and what ethical considerations should researchers take into account as they look at the digitalisation of our lives? The Digital Society and Economy Interdisciplinary Theme Group invites you to join us for a new workshop series where you can meet researchers who will share Innovative Research Methodologies that address current digital practices and phenomena.

The workshops are open to postgraduate researchers, Early Career Researchers, as well as experienced researchers who want to learn about new methodologies or share their own experiences with the methods presented in the workshop. Each workshop will focus on a new method/methodology tried and tested in various contexts. The workshops are meant to provide participants with the opportunity to learn about that method/methodology and ask questions about the process of implementing it. Each workshop will last 50 min. each with time for presentation and Q&A

First published: 6 February 2024

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