Innovative Methods Seminar: Data-driven Investigations – The Algorithmic Audit

Published: 5 October 2023

Innovative methods seminar series: this session will explore a journalist's perspective how we can systematically investigate technology

Date: Friday 3 November, 2023 **online**

Time: 12pm - 1pm

Data-driven Investigations – The Algorithmic Audit

How do we systematically investigate technology, and where do we even start? Leon Yin, data journalist at Bloomberg, will share how to approach data-driven investigations by walking through several case studies along with the tools and decisions that his team made to hold technology and its creators accountable.


About our speaker:

Leon Yin is an award-winning data journalist at Bloomberg. He builds datasets and develops methods to investigate the social impacts of technology. He writes Inspect Element: a practitioner's guide to auditing algorithms and hypothesis-driven investigations. His work has been cited by legislatorsthe academy, and popular media. In 2022, he received a Gerald Loeb Award for the series "Amazon's Advantage". Leon got his start in news at The Markup, and his start in research writing Fortran scripts at NASA.

About the Innovative Methods Seminar series:

Our workshops run for 50 min. each with time for presentation and Q&A. We will have one speaker per each event and all events will be hosted online, via Zoom. Every speaker will share their digital methodology/methods and the project in which the methodology was applied or developed, with a particular focus on the innovative aspects of that methodology, including benefits, challenges, ethical dimensions, challenges, etc. The audience for these workshops are researchers interested in Digital Society and Economy Interdisciplinary Research, including peer scholars and doctoral students.

First published: 5 October 2023

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