Season 2: Episode 2

On this episode, we speak to Jeane Freeman and Mike Russell, curators of the ‘Future Global Shocks’ lecture series being held this autumn by the University in conjunction with the Campaign for Social Science. 

We also talk to one of the speakers in the series, Professor Richard Davies (University of Bristol), about what constitutes a resilient economy. 

Mike Russell is a Professor of Scottish History and Culture at the University of Glasgow and previously served as the Cabinet Secretary for Constitutional Affairs in the Scottish Government. 

Jeane Freeman was Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Health from 2018 and throughout the pandemic and is now based in the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences as an Ambassador for Community Engagement, Public Health and Innovation. 

Richard Davies is currently Director of the UK’s Economics Observatory and a Professor at the University of Bristol. Richard has written a book on what makes some economies more resilient than others.  


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