Episode 14

On this episode, we speak to Jim McCormick, Chief Executive of the Robertston Trust, which provides funding and support to those tackling poverty and trauma. 

We also talk to Dr Ewan Gibbs, an economic historian at the University, who unpacks some of the recent debates around oil and gas, renewables and Scotland’s economy. 

Jamie Livingstone of Oxfam Scotland also provides analysis on the forthcoming COP26, the second in a three part series.



00:52 Introduction to Jim and outline purpose of the Robertson Trust 

03:24 Progress around ‘preventative spend’ agenda? 

06:26 What have learnt from the pandemic? 

09:23 Growing case for ‘wellbeing’ economy? 

12:55 Why is it different from a tax credit system? 

14:15 Lines in this debate between individual vs. structural support? 

19:50 Selling of politics to the populace? 

22:43 Introduction to the issue of the evolution of the modern economy and energy issues 

23:38 Introduction to Ewan and overview of Scotland’s economy in relation to the energy sector 

32:10 Current debate re: shift in energy use 

36:36 Nature of the industry and job creation 

40:38 Levers to investment 

45:51 Jamie Livingstone, Oxfam Scotland, on COP26 


Further links

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