Episode 13

On this week’s episode we speak to Professor David Bell about the levelling up agenda and the thorny debate over the replacement for EU Structural Funds. 

We are also joined by Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, which this week has published a key report on 20 years of proportional representation in the UK. 

Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam in Scotland, also kicks off his series on COP26: what it is all about and what to expect from the November conference. 



Professor David Bell 

01:02 Regional Equalities and Brexit

08:07 Levelling up and the Shared Prosperity Fund

15:17 Correct policy response to regional spending of funds 

20:54 Coordination of local, regional and national governments in delivering outcomes 


Darren Hughes 

26:24 Overview of ERS report on 20 years of PR 

29:10 The Westminster system and recent UK elections 

31:28 The relationship between research and policy development 

36:12 Likelihood of change to the UK system 

40:21 The place of referenda as a democratic tool 

45:24 Developing role of private money in UK politics 


James Livingstone