Radiosoft & University of Glasgow Partnership

Issued: Fri, 25 May 2018 16:12:00 BST

Radisoft are an energy efficiency technology start-up based in Glasgow. With support from the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) and Interface, Radisoft have teamed up with Dr. Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay and her team, who are experts in characterising unusual contaminated waters. The project, funded through an Innovation Voucher, will provide Radisoft with the scientific knowledge to inform further product development to their suite of smart energy efficiency sensors for home and business.

The project is the first engagement Radisoft have had with academic research, so the company and university are looking forward to building this initial project into a long-term partnership where Radisoft's product development is supported by University of Glasgow's world-class and diverse academic expertise."

Radiosoft & UoG

Photo caption "from left to right: Alistair McCay (ETP), Ioannis Sampsonidis and Caroline Gauchotte-Lindsay (University of Glasgow), Ruth Oliver (Interface), and Scott Davidson (Radisoft) are all smiles in University of Glasgow's Environmental Technology Laboratory after a successful project kick-off meeting

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