SofTMech: Multiscale Soft Tissue Mechanics with Applications to Heart and Cancer

Published: 25 May 2018

SofTMech is an EPSRC-funded Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare which is led by the University of Glasgow

SofTMech Cell

SofTMech is an EPSRC-funded Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare which is led by the University of Glasgow. Since its launch, in April 2016, the centre has made full use of its highly interdisciplinary research capability in medical imaging and mathematical modelling to develop a strong working relationship with GlaxosmithKline (GSK)

The business challenge is to develop predictive modelling techniques, which will create economic and healthcare impact, by developing a personalised approach to Healthcare.

An initial contact in  Cardiology and Imaging identified a possible link with SofTMech. The relationship was developed by holding a series of meeting to identify key challenges of mutual interest, and then identifying the most appropriate engagement and funding mechanisms to support these.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has funded one PDRA, two PhD studentships and provided in kind and cash support for an Impact Acceleration account application. Through working with GSK, the centre is developing an understanding of their user requirements. This knowledge will help SofTMech it to deliver its objectives of developing world leading research with real world socio-economic impact within the healthcare sector.

The Principal Investigator, Professor Ray Ogden FRS, FRSE is recognised worldwide for his theoretical contributions in soft tissue mechanics. The research team combines expertise from theoretical, clinical and experimental heart and cancer communities to develop a generic multi-scale mathematical, computational, statistical framework for soft tissue mechanics. The members of the team are from the four partner universities (Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, St Andrews and Sheffield). 



SofTMech is a £2M EPSRC-funded Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Healthcare EP/N014642/1

SofTMech has strong links with industries, such as science measurement, imaging and material companies (including LGC, Siemens Healthcare, Clyde Bioscience), polyomics and bioinformatics (Mosaiques Diagnostics GmbH, Fios Genomics), and software companies (Dassault Systemes - Simulia, ANSYS, Medviso). The partners strengthen the centre’s research in healthcare technologies and user engagement through cash (£0.7M) and in-kind contributions of ~£6.5M.

Further Details: SofTMech works towards the formulation of a generic mathematical multiscale framework for soft-tissue modelling.  Its research is focused on mathematical and computational modelling of soft tissue mechanics with applications to heart and cancer.

First published: 25 May 2018

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