Modelling the Micromechanics of Polycrystalline Materials Workshop

Issued: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 16:34:00 GMT

Date: 7th & 8th April  

Time: 09.00 - 17.00                ‌

Venue: University of Glasgow, James Watt (South) Building   ‌                                                                                            

The University of Glasgow is working with Professor Paul Dawson on the Modelling the Micromechanics of Polycrystalline Materials workshop. The goal of the workshop is to introduce researchers to FEpX code, and a number of tools, including Neper (you can download Neper software here), that constitutes a complete capability for modelling polycyrstalline solids. The workshop is aimed at young researchers such as graduate students and post-doctoral associates who would like to integrate finite modelling into their own projects.


The workshop will consist of several lectures as well as practical experience: the attendees will execute FEpX code on a computing cluster for virtual polycrystals they instantiate during the workshop.

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For a full overview & workshop agenda please follow this link: Glasgow FEpX Workshop

If you would like more information on FEpX please click here                                                                                                                             ‌

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