Molecular Analysis

We provide extensive and world class support for next generation sequencing and bioinformatics. Our particular strength is in the ability to help plan and implement non-standard workflows, bringing considerable experience and expertise to an active dialogue with project PIs to help them realise their goals.

This integrated approach to sequencing and bioinformatics produces exceptional results and provides feedback at every step of the project. The facility is equipped with several high throughput sequencing platforms, and our bioinformatics team have extensive experience in all aspects of omics, to facilitate biological and medical research.

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Single Cell

We provide information on the population structure of your biological system. Characterising cell type frequencies, novel cell states or types, and how this might change between your biological conditions or treatments. Single cell transcriptomics can be supplemented with surface protein markers and V(D)J profiling to provide exceptional resolution.

  • Single Cell RNA
  • Single Cell ATAC
  • Multiome
  • Immune Profiling V(D)J

Bulk Transcriptomics

Qualitatively and quantitatively measure changes in transcription within your system, caused by e.g. disease, drug treatment, knockout, etc. We have unparalleled RNA-seq analysis pipelines and can provide a deep and comprehensive bioinformatic analysis for an low cost, to help drive your project forwards rapidly. We have additional expertise in handling projects with low input or low quality RNA (extremely low RIN values), for example from formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples.

  • Whole Transcriptome Profiling
  • Small and Micro RNA Profiling


We have extensive experience sequencing genomes from microbes to mammals, and plants. On short read and long read platforms. Whether you are performing whole genome and targeted sequencing for variant discovery, GWAS studies, meta genomics, epigenomics or de novo assmbly. Coupled with our bioinformatic teams experience we have the expertise to assist you with your genomics projects.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Exome Capture
  • Metagenomics and 16S
  • Epigenomics - ChIP, ATAC, Bisulphite


In many omic projects the time and expertise bottleneck can be the analysis. We provide comprehensive and affordable solutions to this problem, and can support your bioinformatic project regardless of where it is from, what it is, and the stage you are at. Providing a friendly, understandable and seasoned dialogue at all stages. In particular, our pipelines for Bulk RNA-seq, GeoMx, CosMx, Proteomics, and Single Cell are rapid and comprehensive, giving you lots, for a low cost.

  • Spatial Transcriptomics – GeoMx, Visium, Xenium, CosMx
  • Single Cell – RNA, Protein, ATAC
  • Bulk Transcriptomics & Proteomics
  • Genomics and Epigenomics

Grant Bids

Our sequencing and bioinformatic team can support you with advice, methods, experimental designs and costings for grant bids. This is typically a no-cost service. Please contact us for a chat.


Globally, there is an expertise bottleneck for omic analysis skills, and we recognise that the best person to analyse your own data is you. Noone else has same the expert knowledge and passion. Yearly, we train over 600 PhD students, Post-Docs and PIs in all aspects of omics.

Our courses are comprehensive and entry level, aimed at biologists with no previous experience of bioinformatics or coding. They are skills based, equipping and empowering you with all the skills and knowledge to perform your own analysis. With a mean rating of 9.5 / 10, after over 300 reviews, a highly competitive price, and a live zoom format, upskilling has never been so easy.