Our Team

 Living Laboratory Executive Team 

Dr Neil Bowering - SiPF Living Laboratory Programme Director

Professor Ross Cagan - Regius Chair of Precision Medicine

Dr Carol Clugston - Dean of Corporate Engagement and Innovation and Chief Operating Officer of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.

Dr Ed Hutchinson - Head of Project Delivery

Dr Ruth McLaughlin - College Head of Innovation, Engagement and Enterprise Services and Living Laboratory Director of Industry Partnerships


Living Laboratory Team

Dr Hartesh Battu - Clinical Innovation Fellow

Dr Louise Bennett - Senior Project Manager: STAR & Pharmacogenomics Informed Medication Management

Hemshree Desai - Project Managment Officer 

Darren Dixon - Programme Officer

Dr Kerstin Doig - Engagemenet & STEM Officer 

Siobhan Doyle - Project Officer: Advanced Imaging: Coil Development & Radiogenomics

Dr Sean Duncan - Clinical Innovation Fellow

Joanna Fearnside - Project Officer: Digital Health Validation Lab & Advanced Imaging: Image Analysis 

Dr John Gordon - Commerial and Economics Development Manager

Dr Gowsikan Jeyakumar - Clinical Innovation Fellow

Emma Johnston - Project Officer: STAR & Pharmacogenomics Informed Medication Management

Maria Michalopoulou - Senior Project Manager: Thematic Delivery 

Ailish O'Sullivan - Communications Lead 

Dr Stewart Rodney - Clinical Innovation Fellow

Dr Maggie Rostron - Clinical Research Fellow

Callum Smith - Senior Project Manager: Advanced Imaging: Coil Development & Radiogenomics

Sally Wighton-Tait - Senior Finance & Programme Manager

Sean Wilkie - Programme Administrator 

John Zurowski - Senior Project Manager: Digital Health Validation Lab & Advanced Imaging: Image Analysis