University of Glasgow, Wellcome Trust PhD Programme, University of Glasgow

Why Glasgow?

The University of Glasgow (UoG) occupies the global front rank of infectious disease research and is home to excellence in infection research including the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (WCIP) and the MRC-UoG Centre for Virus Research (CVR).

Our research combines basic biology questions that investigate the mechanisms underlying pathogen driven disease, transmission and protective host responses, with translational approaches towards development of novel drug, vaccine or vector-control targets.

In the field of infectious diseases alone, UoG Centres host 14 Wellcome Trust Fellows and Investigators, with 9 further faculty holding collaborative or strategic awards.

These centres have recruited 10 new faculty members in the past 3 years. This cohort form the core of the IIB supervisory pool.

The strengths of our environment are reflected in the sum of Wellcome Trust funding (as of January 2019 £42.7M in infection biology alone).

Additionally, UoG investment in cutting-edge infrastructure supports this internationally renowned research, ranging from sophisticated imaging and cryo-EM through to vital containment facilities and insectaries.

Infection Biology is embedded in ongoing campus expansions with growing internationalisation following UoG in-country appointments in key African settings linking strongly with African institutions e.g. in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

With very supportive leadership within those institutions, together with the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science for Africa (AESA), these research environments accommodate innovative investigations spanning clinical malaria to zoonotic viral infections.

This investment is encouraging new investigators from Africa to embark on research careers that our Programme will be ideally placed to foster.


Studying in Glasgow

The College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences within the University of Glasgow provides a vibrant, supportive and stimulating environment for all our students.

We exist to foster postgraduate research and teaching of the highest standard, facilitating student productivity and development whilst promoting well-being and providing excellent support. 

 Our overarching aim is to provide a research training environment that includes:

  • provision of excellent facilities and cutting-edge techniques
  • training in essential research and generic skills
  • excellence in supervision and mentoring
  • interactive discussion groups and seminars
  • an atmosphere that fosters critical cultural policy and research analysis
  • synergy between research groups and areas
  • extensive multidisciplinary and collaborative research
  • extensive external collaborations both within and beyond the UK 
  • a robust generic skills programme including opportunities in social and commercial training

Our postgraduate students can access the many other support services provided by the university, including the careers service, students representative council, and the researcher development Unit.

Positive research culture

Our positive research culture ethos is founded on principles of inclusion, co-operation and integrity.

Our students will learn to value societal responsibility and collaboration as key to performing impactful excellent research.

In our open culture, students can discuss problems freely, report inappropriate behaviour, and develop a healthy work/life balance.  

We emphasise ‘Team Science’ philosophy, reaching from everyday within-lab spirit of mutual assistance, through openness in access to lab facilities and equipment, willingness to train newcomers, and appreciation that greater outcomes can be achieved by combining the skills of several individuals. 

Students will be encouraged to understand the transformative value of collaborative projects through exposure to a wide variety of disciplines from infection biology through to social sciences, e.g. through the Bridging Disciplines workshop