Female student in a laboratory, Wellcome Trust PhD Programme, University of Glasgow

Supervisors and projects

The IIB supervisor pool will be over 50 senior investigators, early career researchers (ECR) and international supervisors from collaborating institutions.

To provide the highest level of support and training, we offer a co-supervisory model, with every student mentored across disciplinary and/or international boundaries.

Primary supervisors will be established infectious disease researchers with substantial funding and training records, and students will join well resourced laboratories with post-doctoral and senior research staff offering inbuilt technical expertise and day-to-day support.

Each student will have a dedicated thesis committee composed of their primary and co-supervisors and two additional ‘assessors’, inclusive of a management team member. The assessors provide independent assessment and pastoral care, and can feed back on supervisor performance.

Thesis committees will be gender balanced and inclusive of ECRs providing fresh, diverse perspectives. Students will meet assessors, independently of their supervisors quarterly, with flexible additional meetings as required. Based on UoG best-practice, a formal annual review will be completed, including reports from the student, supervisors, and assessors and overseen by the local PGR convenor.


Co-Supervisor List

Early Career Researchers will Co-Supervise PhD projects:

Simon Babayan 
Benjamin Brennan
Julia Cordero
Claire Harding
Antonia Ho
Edward Hutchinson
Katarzyna Modrzynska
Chris Moxon
Anna Pearce

Co-Supervisors with expertise in fields outside infectious disease include:

Andrew Biankin - Tumour biology
Neil Bulleid  - Protein structure
Nicholas Hanley - One Health Economics
Richard Hartley - Drug design
David McAllister - Multimorbidity
Graeme Milligan - Cellular biochemistry
Thomas Otto - Bioinformatics
Richard Reeve - Population and ecosystem health
Helen Walden - Protein structure


In addition, PhD students may select Co-Supervisors at overseas partner institutions, including:

Matthew Cotten - Uganda
Mia Crampin - Malawi
Alison Elliott - Uganda
Markus Meissner - Ludwig-Maximillian University, Munich
Henry Mwandumba - Malawi
Frances Ndungu - Kenya
Karl Seydel - Malawi