Sofia Sandalli

Picture of Sofia SandalliSofia is originally from Italy, but had the fortune of growing up in multiple countries. She moved to Scotland for her undergraduate degree and in 2020, she graduated with a BSc. Biology from the University of Aberdeen. A lot of Sofia's personal and academic upbringing has been shaped by international experiences, so in the future she hopes to complement her research interests with scientific collaborations.

Sofia's past research experiences have included looking at mitochondrial metabolism in slugs for her undergraduate dissertation; researching bacterial bioremediation at Perm State University (Russia); and investigating DNA ligase modifications in budding yeast at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). She is excited about exploring multiple areas of infectious diseases during her lab rotations as part of the WT IIB PhD Programme. She is currently undertaking a project in Bacteriology, characterising hybrid strains of E. coli.

In general, Sofia is interested in how microorganisms cause pathogenesis in their host, the evolutionary mechanisms that have allowed them to do so, and how understanding of infectious diseases can contribute to the improvement of global and public health. She was drawn to the Wellcome Trust Integrative Infection Biology PhD Programme at the University of Glasgow because it provides training from an array of academic experts, excellent supervision, and a supportive, international community.