Matthew Arnold

Head image of Matthew Arnold

After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a BSc in Biochemistry, Matt pursued his desire to look deeper into the machinery behind biological processes through a Masters degree in Biological Imaging (also in Sheffield). Through these studies, Matt was lucky enough to work with Prof Per Bullough and Dr Jason Wilson, imaging the micro-machines used by the bacteriophages to invade host cells using cryoelectron microscopy. Matt applied for the WT Integrative Infection Biology PhD Programme hoping it will provide him with a Wellcome(!!) opportunity to continue working as part of exciting research into viruses and the mechanisms by which they interact through infection.

He is currently working with Prof David Bhella and Dr Edward Hutchinson on how mutations in flu lead to changes in vaccine efficacy through structural variation.

When he's not in the lab (or more accurately at a computer terminal), he is most likely to be found somewhere in the Scottish hills, on foot, on a bike or dangling precariously from a rock face.