Lizzie Tchongwe Divala

Picture of Lizzie TchongweLizzie's science career has been driven by her passion to contribute to a malaria free world. Experiencing malaria episodes herself, observing its social and economic impact on her community, and seeing the parasite on thousands of microscopy slides while delivering medical diagnostic services at a large referral hospital, are the chronology that sustain her curiosity. After four years in a diagnostic laboratory, Lizzie joined the malaria genomics research world through a Pre-MSc Internship at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust.

She chose genomic research because she strongly believes that the key to the next generation of malaria-ending tools is hiding there. Specifically, her work has been focused on exploring genetic diversity in Plasmodium falciparum and recently on genetic drivers of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae with Prof Martin Donelly and Dr Chris Jones.

Upon completing her MSc, at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine Lizzie needed a PhD programme that was going to challenge mher critical thinking, unlock her analytical skills potential, and expand her web of academic collaborations. A combination of the University of Glasgow, a world-class and elite committee, and the prestigious Wellcome Trust IIB PhD programme fit that expectation well and she saw this as an excellent opportunity to grow her science career, get exposure to cutting edge research and learn in some of the world’s best laboratories. 

Her PhD journey will involve a careful examination of parasite-vector interaction in the context of disease transmission, and establish what can be leveraged to reduce disease burden. Lizzie's experience so far matches her expectations, that the University of Glasgow is the best place to answer this question with support from global leading scientists with well-equipped laboratories.