Emma Davies

Head image of Emma DaviesBefore becoming a PhD Student on the Wellcome Trust IIB PhD Programme, Emma completed her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.  She specialised in Virology and Dynamics of Infectious Disease with her research project investigating the antiviral immune responses to Human Cytomegalovirus in aging. 

Her broad research interests including virology, immunology and Global Health, led her to apply to the IIB PhD Programme so that she could undertake rotation projects in different fields as well as having the opportunity to build connections within the University research centres and internationally.

Emma, who grew up in the Welsh Valleys, has quickly settled in Glasgow and so was well prepared for the rain and hills! She chose to do her first rotation project in Dr Sam Wilson’s lab studying the role of interferons in human seasonal coronavirus infection. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified her research interests in emerging infectious disease and viral infections, and is looking forward to choosing her final PhD project.